How luvdup are you?

November 30, 2016
‘It all started with my wife’s birthday’ explains founder Andy Litton. ‘I organised a surprise party involving friends, dancing and walking up hills, and I suddenly found myself with an almost endless supply of that strange currency ‘Brownie Points’. You have millions of them she said. Great, I thought, but are they actually worth anything and will I notice when they are gone?’

After a few beers, one evening in Winchester, I casually mentioned the amount of credit I was apparently in with the wife, just as the alcohol was turning everyone's thoughts to curry. We laughed, promptly forgot about it, and had a lovely Chicken Madras. The next day, fellow founder Tim Dykes called and said, 'how's your head? And by the way, that idea we were laughing about last night might just have something going for it'.

After much discussion (we even managed to have a fight with the Girl Guides but that's a story for another day...) luvdup was off and running. Armed with a powerpoint presentation and a bag full of numbers we presented the idea to anyone who expressed an interest. The results were amazing. The initial round of seed fundraising took no more than a few weeks and the idea was turning into something more modern and much more tangible. 

After developing the branding with Hampshire agency, Air Creative Marketing, we appointed award winning, London App development agency, Red-C to design and build luvdup and their input, enthusiasm, expertise and advice has been invaluable.

The resulting luvdup app offers couples a way of keeping tabs on how they stand with their other half in a fun and engaging way. How many Luv Points do you have? How far would you go to earn some? Can you really keep hold of them?

As Andy explains, ‘there are plenty of apps to hook up single people but nobody is looking at how to nurture people after they become an item. We thought it was about time to celebrate everything about relationships.

Whilst the app is created with tongue firmly in cheek, there is a serious issue underlying all of this irreverence; relationships work best when both parties communicate. It’s also fair to say that you only need to listen to the news or read the papers to know that we live in a world where a bit more love can hardly be a bad thing.

How it works 

Using a sliding scale from plus 100 to minus 100, couples can award or deduct Luv Points. At any given moment each can slide the ‘active heart’ up to give the other credit or slide it down to knock them down a peg or two. The heart even changes colour to reflect the mood that this might create. And you can only move your partners slider, not your own - that will take a bit more effort.

The luvdup app includes a private feed where couples can exchange their innermost thoughts, good, bad or indifferent. All activity appears here and can be shared on Facebook, but only if you feel the need.

To keep things interesting, users can trade Luv Points with each other for favours. A night out with the girls? A cycling weekend with the boys? Whatever you are looking for it will cost you some points and it’s up to both parties to agree a tariff.

Want to know what your partner would like for their birthday or for Christmas? With luvdup you can keep a record of what you love so that you partner can see at a glance. Save web links and you might even receive a gift from your partner that you actually want.

Luvdup will remind you of these important dates and any others you wish to set up, such as anniversaries, and you can also record your clothing sizes. Now there really is no excuse.

Life isn’t always straightforward so if your score is looking bleak and you need to earn a few points, we have some suggestions and resources to help you out. From a free virtual gift to something more impressive, it’s all just a few clicks away.